Welcome To Sicomo

At SICOMO, we believe that our clients are entitled to the best possible service. A competent team of professionals and a state of the art technology ensure that your every requirement will be met. Your business is our ultimate goal.


SICOMO S.A.L is situated in the green valley of the Bekaa, rich in agriculture within the peaceful town of Kab Elias, at 45 Km of Beirut crossing the beautiful western chain of the Lebanese mountains.

Established in 1974 as a family business to become a shareholding company in 1997. Since then, the 100% recycling mill underwent enormous modifications and changes to create products suitable for the international markets. The development was technical, environmental and above people oriented. SICOMO S.A.L. became one of the best employer in the region.


What SICOMO S.A.L. believes in

S           Satisfy clients with superior quality, value and service.

I           Incorporate social responsibility, economic success.

C           Create value in the community in which we live and work, through our presence and Leadership.

O           Operate a cardboard mill that can only manufacture superior product with international recognition.

M           Move theoretical and practical limits through innovation.

O           Organize and communicate openly as positive individuals to enhance the performance of our team

Product Range

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(Brown, white, Beige, Blue, or Green top) from 200 gsm to 580 gsm


Grey Board in two Grades from 350 gsm to 2400 gsm


Grey Board White Top from 600 gsm to 2400 gsm


Grey Board Double Sided White from 600 gsm to 2400 gsm


Metallized Board Gold or Silver Top, White or Grey Black from 360 gsm to 2300gsm

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